Mgr. Andrea Laliková – Head coordinator of EVS in Detva. she helps with intercultural dialogue at school, sending youth participants from schools abroad (Euroscola, other small projects). He helps with implementing EVS in Detva and coordinator of their activities.

Mgr. Matej Lalík – Project manager, EVS coordinator in Detva, Projects Erasmus+ creator and writer (EVS,Youth Exchanges). He provides possibility to send youth abroad (SO of Youth Exchanges and EVS). Supervisor of EVS tutors and sub-coordinators of EVS. At this time he lead course Internation Projects at Grammar School in Detva and prepare young people for YE in year 2016. How to create, manage, implement projects of Erasmus+ programme, how to use tools, how to gain competencies and they were creating this project as result of the subject.

Bc. Dagmar Kulichová – Leader of Youth Exchanges organized in Active city association. Youth exchanges creator, team leader for new YE projects. Mentor and teacher of Slovak language for EVS volunteers.

Ing. Jozef Ľupták – Youth worker, past EVS volunteer in Italy. Organizer of meetings focused of motivation and self realization young people in our Region, Detva. Leader and tutor for volunteers.

  • Preparing project, from application form, through making work group, target group, implementing approved project up to the end (final)
  • Support young people and motivation for EVS and other youngsters projects

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