Pre-cycling Race (mládežnícka výmena)

Pre-cycling Race (15th – 21st August 2016)

Cycling, globally recognized sport, is nowadays one of alternative type of transport with zero negative effect to the environment. Youth exchange project Pre-cycling Race was focused on renewable sources of energy except of cycling. It contributed to visualization and demonstration renewable sources of energy in region under the Poľana. Youngsters from Slovakia, Hungary, Finland and Armenia created the international peloton and they were moving for the activities on bikes, during eight days. Cycling of Podpoľanie consisted of visiting operation of biomass processing and biogas plant in Detva, operation of water energy in Korytárky and trip to the climbing area called Kaľamárka. There was developed also competences at climbing, teambuilding, geocaching and LAND ART. In addition to these places youngsters visited and commissioning production of solar collectors in Žiar nad Hronom. They showed to each other on these demonstration objects, producing of this kind of energy, some examples from individual countries and extension. “We performed various activities, gather knowledge and develop the team spirit by sports activities and competitions during the working week.” said Lucia Gondášová, student of Grammar school in Detva.

Every of participated countries belonged to one evening for introduction of own country, habits, culture and national cuisine. Presentations of talents on multicultural festival AMARO SVITOS /OUR WORLD, organized by Detva Roma Community, we got to know and supported young talented people from local communities. During the phase of realisation was created a video cut to ERASMUS + spot. We all shared an experience and experiences but mainly we improved communication skills in English. In addition we met new friends. To some of participants this project gave much more than others. They were riding a bike for the first time – thanks to teamwork and advices from other participants – they were good cyclers soon. The week full of experience, emotions and knowledge. THANK YOU


Bc. Dagmar Kulichová

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