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Záverečný turnaj Podpolianskej MINILIGY v Detve

Pozývame Vás na ZÁVEREČNÝ TURNAJ ako ukončenie 3 mesiace trvajúcej futbalovej miniligy medzi tímami a hráčmi z obcí Podpoľania (Detva, Kriváň, Podkriváň, Hriňová a Dúbravy atď).


Turnaj sa uskutoční na letnom štadióne v Detve s výkopom o 9.00 hod. Registrácia tímov do 8.30 hod. Vítaní sú všetci fanúšikovia, priaznivci aj rodinní príslušníci. Vidíme sa v druhú augustovú sobotu v Detve.


EVS na Slovensku


We will choose a selection panel. Based on preselected criteria we will choose a candidate right on given challenge of host organization. We will not take into account the skin colour, level of completed education or other circumstances, but individual motivation and goals. Choosing criteria: life experiences, age, potential benefit for sending also hosting organizations, experience in the field, self motivation.

Priorities of the applicant
1. Solving unemployment and the development of creativity of young people
2. Working with children and youth with disabilities (DSS, MRK)
3. Coordination and cooperation in activities with organizations from Detva,
4. Development of municipality and surrounding Under the Polana micro-region

Direct activities of the applicant (Ca Active city)
– Leisure activities for kids and youth with disabilities (Deaf assistant from Social Center and young volunteers with mental disability and from marginalized Roma community visit Lessons of basics English for EVS volunteers, every year we organize creative workshops in House of social services in Detva, etc
– Football for marginalized Roma community, workshops for youth from Social center,
– Dance, PC course, basics about project management
– Regular annual activities
– Table tennis tournament for associations from Detva
– Day of Earth, Workshops for different target groups
– Summer tent camps, Festivals
– irregular activities
– Erasmus + programme (youth exchanges and youth initiatives)
– other projects focused on regional development and work with unemployed youth
from various population groups from Detva

Activities undertaken in partnership with other organizations with integration into volunteer activities of various kinds and nature
Cooperation with House of social services in Detva (Social Center)
– Realization of workshops (creative art, icebreakers, energizers, street activities with target groups from participating organizations, etc)
– Assistant services and facilities
– Realization of small and occasional activities
– English lessons
– Projects, hobbies, sports and work with PC

Cooperation with Detvas Roma alliance DAR
– coordinating youth from social disadvantaged community
– realization of Program Youth in Action with target group from marginalized Roma community
– implementation of own ideas, activities and projects with target group
– working with the media (web, FB), press releases in foreign language
– leisure time activities (football, dance, computer science)

Cooperation with Leisure time center Trend and Grammar School in Detva
– managing computer lab
– implementation of new and foreign methods on computer science lessons
– sports and leisure time activities in non-school time with youth
– creation and coordination of working group for own projects
– work assistant during lessons of various kinds
– contribute to the development of their activities and school involvement in grant challenges

Other possibilities for cooperation
– Nursery and primary schools in Detva
– The non-profit sector
– Municipality Detva (Town Hall Detva)

During the described activities, the volunteer can improve in:
1. Coordination and organization of interest groups
2. Design and implementation schedule of activities
3. Developing creativity
4. Promoting sportsmanship among candidates
5. Improve endurance, flexibility, work with children and youth
6. Development of computer skills
7. Language course (Slovak, Romany, English, ..)
8. Braille code, sign language
9. Basics of dance techniques
10. Organization of sport, social and competitive activities
11. Working with people of different ages, nationalities and social background

Suggested activities – learning through working in a wide range of activities, whereas in CA Active city working with children and youth 5-30years old. Informal activities focused on youth work, preservation of cultural heritage, arts development, environment, project activities (developing and implementing their own projects). Vision of Citizens Association Active City is to involve wider community of volunteer organizations and their staff members working in the city and working with children and youth, with fewer opportunities too. Detailed activities are given in paragraph (part of) the description of the organization.
Getting to know the history and relationships in the local culture, engaging in organized events (folklore, sports, minority, ..). Possibility of spending time in the team sports offered by local sports clubs (karate, football, floor-ball, chess, ..), or interest in leisure time activities of host organizations (workshops, sports, environ. activities, volunteer activities). A separate working group of young people attending activities in the organization of the leisure time activities. Live communication with students of English, which teacher could be volunteers mentor.
Volunteers will learn how to work with children visiting their courses, improve new experiences, learn to cooperate with the stuff at citizens association, organize events, work organization, leisure time and others, organize own time and creating self-employment during the EVS in Slovakia will, over time, strengthen the volunteer. Orientation in the city and surroundings of Detva region. Group work with youth, coordination of activities. Basics of the Slovak language, improvement in English.
Volunteers will learn how to organize youth groups and their activities. They will specifically recognize science, technical, and sport activities in the host organization. Through activities in the project work volunteer would learn how to work with young people from European countries, organize informal learning process, prepare and implement the activity, improve the foundations of Slovak language, acquire new skills in artistic techniques, learn about the local culture, to confront their ideas and possibilities for implementation with the teacher, raise young people for the activities focused on volunteering, and others.

Example of project activities – workshops with children from marginalized Roma community (folk art, craft workshops Roma, sprays and similar techniques, processing of secondary materials, processing of natural materials. Each course will consist of a set of activities and methods focusing on self development of the target group and personal development of the volunteer.
Occasional weekend work occurs mainly during school holidays. It may happen that the entire voluntary service performed over the weekend with compensation during the working week

čo je to EVS?

EVS (European Voluntary Service) is an international volunteer programme funded by the European Commission. It enables all young people legally resident in Europe, aged between 18 and 30 years, to carry out an international volunteer service in an organisation or in a public body in Europe, Africa, Asia or South America for a period ranging from 2 to 12 months.


European Voluntary Service is based on the following principles:

– increasing your own skills through the practical experience of volunteering abroad;

– encouraging the learning of another language;

– developing the ability to interact with persons of different language and culture;

– spreading tolerance among young people of the European Union;

– promoting active citizenship;

– supporting the development of local communities.

more information you can find ….

Kto u nás pôsobí?

Youth Exchanges allow groups of young people from different countries to meet and live together for a period of 5 days up to 21 days. Participants carry out a work program prepared before the exchange.

When You come back, You’ll have gained

  • New competences and life skills
  • Awareness about other cultures and socially relevant topics
  • A network of like-minded young people with whom I can develop further projects
  • Awareness of the European Union youth programme and opportunities
  • Confidence to undertake long-term mobility

– encouraging the learning of another language;

– developing the ability to interact with persons of different language and culture;

– spreading tolerance among young people of the European Union;

– promoting active citizenship;

– supporting the development of local communities.

more information you can find ….

Not only you can participate in projects organized by youth organisations, but you can organise your own youth exchange with a group of friends. National Agencies in each country are in charge for helping you organise such projects.


Mgr. Andrea Laliková – štatutárny zástupca, pracuje na tvorbe predajných a prezentačných stánkov na miestnych jarmokoch a podujatiach.

Bc. Dagmar Kulichová – koordinátor pre mládežnícke výmeny. V minulosti bola líderkou niekoľkých ml. výmien. Počas implementácie EVS projektov v pôsobnosti HO pracovala s dobrovoľníkmi. Napomáhala pri organizácii kurzov slovenčiny pre EVS, spoluorganizovala podujatia (národné večery, cooking kluby a pod.)

Mgr. Matej Lalik – projektový manažér, koordinátor EVS aktivít v organizácii a tvorca ŽoNFP projektov. Má skúsenosti s implementáciou EVS projektov aj s vysielaním dobrovoľníkov do zahraničia. Vybavovanie prechodných pobytov, VÍZ a podobne pre hosťujúcich dobrovoľníkov. V minulosti bol lídrom niekoľkých mládežníckych medzinárodných výmien. Pracuje na projektoch aj mimo E+ programu. Vytvára podmienky pre ďalšie napredovanie združenia, rozširuje tým spolupracovníkov a podnecuje mladých ľudí k tvorbe a realizácii dobrovoľníckych aktivít.

Ing. Jozef Ľupták – bývalý dobrovoľník EVS, v prípravnej fáze projektov komunikuje s potenciálnymi dobrovoľníkmi. Organizuje Skype hovory a pripravuje podmienky pre začínajúcich dobrovoľníkov.

Jaroslav Činčura – správa webu, audio a video, zabezpečovanie a tvorba podujatí


Partner organisations  in SVK                                         International partner organisations
Gymnázium Detva Dúm detí a mládeže PRAHA, Czech republic
 Základná škola A. Thurzu Detva   Intercambia associao Juvenil MALAGA, Spain
 Základná škola J. J. Thurzu Detva  Balkan Youth Festival SOFIA, Bulgaria
 OZ Studnička Detva  Armenian Progressive youth (APY) YEREVAN, Armenia
 Mesto Detva  OHP ZIELONA GORA, Poland
Oz Podpoľanček Haccettepe University ANKARA, Turkey
Naša čajovňa ( OZ Naše Mesto Detva) Tokat Youth Centre TOKAT, Turkey
Základná škola Slatinské Lazy All- Ukrainian association for youth cooperation „Alternative-V“ KYJEV, Ukraine
InCO – Interculturalita and Comunicazione MILÁNO, Italy
Pro Atlantico Associacao Juvenil PORTO , Portugal


  • elimination of prejudices, xenophobia, racism against third countries as well as partner countries of European Union
  • active cooperation of citizens, entities and institutions
  • implementation and support activities in sport, culture, social and leisure time activities

O nás

Od svojho vzniku sa združenie Aktívne mesto venuje rozvoju mesta Detva vo všetkých oblastiach. V prevažnej miere však v environmentálnych aktivitách, práci s deťmi a mládežou vo voľnom čase, v športových aktivitách a práci so znevýhodnenými skupinami obyvateľstva. Od roku 2010 združenie aktívne pracuje v regióne Podpoľanie a spolupracuje so spektrom organizácií, školských inštitúcií ako aj so samosprávami a snaží sa vytvárať možnosti pre svoje cieľové skupiny.

Snažíme sa vypracovať perfektnú kombináciu medzi obsahom a poskytovanými službami pre našu cieľovú skupinu účastníkov a projektových partnerov. Používame metódy neformálneho vzdelávania a učenia. To znamená, že ľudia sa spontánne učia svojou účasťou na činnostiach, sú konfrontovaní s konkrétnou situáciou, čelia problémom, pre ktoré je potrebné nájsť riešenie, či už ako jednotlivci, alebo skupina.

Mládežníckymi výmenami a EVS z programu Erasmus+ sledujeme spoznávanie krajín a národov prostredníctvom účasti na projektoch a napomáhame k odbúravaniu presudkov a obmedzených postojov u mladých ľudí. Snažíme sa preto spolupracovať so spektrom zahraničných organizácií, aby sme mali vlastný pohľad a nie obmedzený na danú krajinu, jej obyvateľov a miestne zvyky. V rokoch 2013 – 2016 sme hosťovali 6 EVS dobrovoľníkov a vyslali 8 dobrovoľníkov z regiónu do zahraničia. Čo sa týka ml.výmien v pozícii hostiteľskej organizácie sme realizovali 6 výmien a vysielali účastníkov na 8 výmien po európskych štátoch (Španielsko, Bulharsko, Turecko, Poľsko, Portugalsko, Fínsko, Taliansko).